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China dn100- dn80 concrete pump reducing pipe


Modell: DN125-DN150


China dn100- dn80 concrete pump reducing pipespecification:
Concrete pump reducing pipe DN(mm) WIDTH LENGTH
  OD194-140 6.25mm 1.5m
  OD194-140 6.25mm 1.2m
  OD194-140 6.25mm 1m
  OD194-140 8mm 1.5m
  OD194-140 8mm 1.2m
  OD194-140 8mm 1m
   OD159-140 6.25mm 1.5m
   OD159-140 6.25mm 1.2m
   OD159-140 6.25mm 1m
   OD159-140 6.25mm 0.5m
   OD159-140 8mm 1.5m
   OD159-140 8mm 1.2m
   OD159-140 8mm 1m
  OD114-89 6mm 1.2m
  OD114-89 6mm 1m
Images: Our company Our company: Hebeidayufeiteng wear-resisting pipeline fititngs co.,Ltd

 1.  We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump delivery pipe, rubber hose, elbow, bend, reducer, coupling, cleaning ball, piston, cylinder, eye-glass plate, cutting ring, concrete placing boom, and so on
2. application: We have been supplying concrete pump parts for SCHWING, PUTZMEISTER, SANY, CIFA, KYOKUTO, ZOOMLION for many years, so we can promise you the quality and best price.
3.Technology: Our concrete pump pipe is quenched and carried out carburizing chemical treatment on the inner wall.So it possess high wear-resistance
4.service: OEM service and producinh as your drawing 
5.certificates: ISO 9001-2000.

6.  exhibition:

Our factory advanced technology
1.automatic welding:welding perfect more firm and more durable.
2.Plasma cutting: Cutting faster and the size more accurate.
3.Automaticlly spraying: make pipe and products more beautiful .
4.Dust free workshop.

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